Heimat (english version)

Docupedia-Zeitgeschichte - 13.08.2018

Heimat again? It’s back in fashion, no doubt about it. All throughout the German-speaking world, and not just in academia, people have been talking about it. The word is ubiquitous, an everyday occurrence, equally present in the media, advertising, public relations and politics. German history is virtually saturated with it, from the nineteenth century and the German Empire, to the Weimar Republic and the Nazi period, into the postwar years of Germany West and East (but also in Austria and Switzerland). It is found in völkisch-chauvinist movements as a counter-concept to modernity and everything weiterlesen...

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Exhibition poster: “Nature and Homeland,” Gera 1952, exhibition in the context of a summer-camp drive of the Kulturbund. Artists: Lienert and Schirner, Printed by: Gerth & Oppenrieder, Gera. Source: Bundesarchiv B 285 Plak-042-015 courtesy of the German Federal Archives
Alltag Begriffe Gesellschaftsgeschichte Regionales ohne regionalen Schwerpunkt 20. Jahrhundert übergreifend