"There’s nobody left" Anti-Semitic Exclusion and Persecution in Rauischholzhausen, 1933–1942

"I just can’t go back there. [...] I [would] like to go once more to Holzhausen, to the cemetery, and to Kirchhain. I want to see, but ... there’s nobody left." – Martin Spier, New York City 2009.

The people no longer left there are the Jewish residents of Rauischholzhausen. They were persecuted and deprived of their rights, then expelled and murdered. At the same time, the history of Jewish life in this village goes a long way back, as does the antisemitism there. In 1933, the village still had 20 Jewish residents.
On September 6, 1942, the last 18 Jewish individuals from Rauischholzhausen weiterlesen...

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