„States make refugees, but refugees also make states“: Peter Gatrell on the „Making of the Modern Refugee”

This blog entry reflects on the keynote made by Prof. Peter Gatrell which opened the international conference “The Impossible Order” at the Berlin Wall Memorial in May 2017, focusing on migration and history. Peter Gatrell's main points of interest were the perception of the refugee as a category by both political and mass media outlets as well as the responsibility of historians to analyze the interdependent relationship between refugees, society and government. Prof. Gatrell coined this phenomenon “Refugeedom”. It is an almost self-evident to hold a conference about “Europe, Power and the Search weiterlesen...

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Flyer der Internationalen Konferenz „Unmögliche Ordnung – Europa, Macht und die Suche nach einem neuen Migrationsregime“, Mai 2017
(Designed by Charlotte Boccone)

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